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Sport has the power to change lives

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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My personal highlight of last week was becoming a part of the adidas TRAINING CREATOR SQUAD – first it’s kind worldwide! The invitation came month ago and at first I was not really sure what was expecting me at the adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany. I have been there a couple times by now but this time was different. In this article, I will try to summarize what happened right at the spot (and no, it was not only training together). The three days were packed with inspiration and motivation, created by a divers team of 21 Athletes/Trainers/Creators coming from all over Europe. But every individual who participated this program had one fundamental state of mind in common: SPORT IS LIFE.


Love being inspired by greatness!


There were five adidas Runners Captains (Vienna, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Budapest, Athen), two Breakletics Trainer, several Strength Coaches (Berlin, Madrid, Paris & co.), two owners of a gym in Amsterdam and Madrid, a female world champion of Muay Thai and K1. I was so impressed by all the incredible women who were giving me Feedback on my thoughts right from the beginning. There was not once a feeling of being actual strangers because the magic of having the same passion connected all of right from the scratch. After the arrival at the hotel our agenda started with a meet & greet session at gym of the world of sport (adidas HQ). There we got the first instruction of what will happen in the next 48 hours, following up with EXOS Training involving lots of push- and pull-ups.


“Success is not defined by performing at a high level once. It’s about getting better every day.” - EXOS


The exos trainers who were involved in our program showed us several things that are vital to our health in order to move, think and recover better every day. They truly made us all to push our trained limits even harder and we did all that as a team. The most amazing aspect for me was that while we were working out and doing what we love - we were creating content all at the same time because there were cameras everywhere catching every bit of the greatness that was going on in brand new adidas training outfits.


Nurture Body – Mind & Soul


To be surrounded by other game changers with different ideas but a similar passion for connection and creation felt like heaven to me. Especially because we were so many like-hearted personalities caring so much about our own health and the health of others like our friends, family and clients. Becoming a part of the world of sport is one true goal I can advise any person on this planet to have! Not only that you will never feel alone or left beside because there will always be a team behind you even if you don’t know it – but because strengthening your body automatically reflects in every other part of your life like: How you plan your day. What and when you eat. To who you feel attracted to. Everything changes from the very moment you decide to simply – WORK [it] OUT.

After the physical activity part was over we got introduced to the coming events happening with adidas Training while in the next move we were invited to a cooking session later that evening.


Flip the script


Every day there is the chance to start something new and positive. On the next day, it felt like we would know each other for ages - one fact was set in stone: together we are even stronger in breaking boundaries! Our “getting to know each other sport session” made so much sense the day before because now we were asked to organize a training session on our own (for ourselves). Since there were only pros involved, that wasn’t a big of a problem. It was so motivating seeing other trainers and athletes having the same routines and even struggles as I do. Because even as a professional you doubt yourself from time to time. What made that participation so amazing in order to be able to exchange some tips and thoughts on different training methods and techniques. So yes, I have made that experience myself of how a life lived - out of a sport state of mind - can influence your personal confidence in becoming a better version of yourself.


Europe’s best training creator squad   


Day 3 was like a dream come true and remember I never settle for good enough. So, I felt the urge of choosing BOXING for my training session of the day. Seeing a woman teaching me how to hold my hands and training me something in what she is so great at, that she won the world championship, felt incredible. Followed by a very interesting nutrition workshop and a recovery (Blackroll) session with Team EXOS – made that End – perfect. All in all, I’m so glad I had the chance of training and creating memories with all these beautiful tomorrow takers at the WOS. Hopefully there will a reunion soon! 


Outfit Details: Shirt, Pant & Shoes by www.adidas.at 

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